Oracle Critical Patch Update – July 2015

Last week on July 14, Oracle released it’s quarterly Critical Patch Update.  The following Hyperion and BI products are affected by security vulnerabilities:

  • Hyperion Essbase
  • Hyperion Shared Services
  • Hyperion EPMA

Hyperion Essbase

There are patches available to fix the vulnerabilities in Essbase for the and versions. The patch for version are the Patch Set Update (PSU) for the Essbase Server and Essbase Client (patch numbers 20184072 and 20184082, respectively).  The vulnerability fix for Essbase version is “Upgrade to Hyperion Essbase, then apply the patches listed above”.  If you are on an older version of Essbase than, it is time to upgrade.

Hyperion Shared Services

The CPU document calls this “Hyperion Common Security,” but they are talking about Shared Services. The vulnerability is listed as affecting versions,, and  The patch for version is listed as patch number 20876722. This one is interesting because if you search, that patch doesn’t bring anything up on the My Oracle Support site. I also searched for Shared Services patches under, but there isn’t even an version available to choose yet.  Edit 7/22/15 – The Shared Services patch (number 20876722) came out on 7/21 and is available on My Oracle Support. The patch is the Shared Services PSU (number 20675028). That PSU requires patching nearly every EPM product in your environment but gives the ability to run Internet Explorer 11 in its native mode – no more Enterprise Mode needed for  The patch is listed as number 21052487, but this is a bad patch number as well with no results when using their link.

Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Architect

The EPMA vulnerabilities affect both versions and  In version, you have two different options to fix the vulnerabilities: EPMA PSU (patch number 19466859) or EPMA PSU (patch number 20929659).  If you are on version, a patch set update is available on request from Oracle.  I assume that you would need to submit an SR to get a PSU from Oracle Support for


For version of OBIEE, only a patch to Third Party BI software (patch number 21235195) is listed as a critical patch.

The following patches are listed to fix vulnerabilities in version

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