Calc Manager released

Three blog posts in three days? He’s on fire. Maybe that’s not as highbrow as Cameron Lackpour’s references; however, if you’re in your 30’s, you probably understand.

A couple of days ago, I posted the fix to five of the Calc Manager CDFs in Well, as luck would have it, a new patch to Calc Manager was released a few days ago on January 15. As one that frequents this blog, I’m sure you all went right out and made those changes to your essfunc.xml files and are wondering if that was necessary or if this release fixes those CDFs for you.

I downloaded and applied the patch to my laptop’s sandbox EPM system and found that all 55 of the @CalcMgr* functions from persist in Not only do the same CDFs persist, but so do all five errors on the CDF declarations. I compared the essfunc.xml files from the two patches and found only a few differences but nothing that would materially change the implementation of the CDFs between and

To sum it all up, if you have fixed your CDFs in and are planning to apply (patch number 19927906), then prepare to re-fix your CDF specifications in either EAS or the essfunc.xml file again.  The great news is that if you have used some of the cool functionality in Calc Manager, you can still use it in

**** EDIT 6/11/2015 **** Calculation Manager has been released and fixes the issues with CDF registration.

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