Month: November 2014

New EPM Patches for

Since my last post, Oracle has released a number of new patches. I wanted to take a moment to summarize them quickly and give the links. The Oracle Proactive Support Team (PST) for EPM and BI (@Oracle_EPMBI on Twitter) has been doing an excellent job of publishing these patches lately. I started this blog nearly three years ago and it had evolved into a patch notification site. I am looking forward to blogging about more interesting topics now that Oracle is taking over notifying the public on new patches.

The following products have new patches released in the last week or so:

  • Shared Services
  • Smart View
  • EPM Architect (EPMA)
  • Hyperion Strategic Finance (HSF)
  • Financial Reporting (FR)

Shared Services (patch 19447055)

This patch came out on 11/4 and contains seven bug fixes, primarily fixing issues with HFM provisioning/access control issues and a new Planning LCM dimension merge/replace option.

Smart View (patch 19858481)

The newest Smart View patch was released on 11/5 and contains fixes only for OBIEE. If you are in an EPM-only environment and do not have OBIEE, I would recommend just staying on the patch which is still the latest version on the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) download page for Smart View. This patch fixes performance issues when using OBIEE as a data source and requires two prerequisite patches to be applied to OBIEE (18507268 and 18828701).

EPMA (patch 19466859)

EPMA was released on 11/14. There are seven defects fixed with this patch to make metadata management better with EPMA applications. If you are using EPMA, this is one you should apply.

HSF (patch 19689889)

This patch was released on 11/11, there are four bugs fixed in this release.

Financial Reporting (patch 19795686)

Released on 11/14, this patch contains 19 defects fixed and is recommended for all deployments on

As with any patches, please review the readme files for installation and known issues.  In some cases, known issues can be mitigated with the information contained in the readme files.