Quick Followup on Essbase and Calc Manager

On Friday, I mentioned that the patches for Essbase Server and Run-time Client used the same OPatch numbers as the Essbase Server and RTC patches, respectively.  I wasn’t sure if we would need to roll back those .503 patches in order to apply the .504 patch.  The answer is no, there is no need to roll back the existing .503 patch.  As I ran the .504 patches, the OPatch process did an auto-rollback of the old patch and then applied the later version of the patch.  So that was easy.

This morning, I saw that Oracle released Calc Manager  There’s 7 bug fixes in this patch, and they all seem to be refinements to the product.  I did note in the readme that you should apply this Calc Manager patch to any server running the following:

  • Calculation Manager
  • Hyperion Planning
  • “Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management ERP Integrations Adapter for Oracle Applications (ERP Integrator)” (I’m sure they mean FDMEE here)
  • EAS
  • Essbase Server

So, this Calc Manager patch has the potential to be applied to every server in a distributed installation, depending on how you spread your products out.

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