Month: September 2014

Essbase & EAS Patches available

Last Thursday, Oracle issued a slew of patches for Essbase and its peripheral components (EAS, client, Run Time Client).  Typically Oracle has kept Essbase Studio and APS aligned with the same patch level, but .503 patches have not appeared for those products yet. These patches address bugs at the .500 patch level so I highly recommend applying this latest round of patches if you are on Essbase

Patch Numbers:

Essbase Defects Fixed:

Defect Number Defect Fixed
19485568, 19190554 Using linked partitions and making changes to the outline, followed by running outline sync, may cause the application to terminate abnormally.
19358183 The Essbase Server can terminate abnormally when running concurrent requests to calculate the database as well as run queries.
19339625 When updating a partition definition, validating and updating the outline at the same moment can abnormally terminate the application.
19288595 In some cases, UDAs are not updated when trying to synchronize the outline of a replicated partition.
19178010 When a query is too large, an aggregate storage database can terminate abnormally.  With, it returns an error:
ERROR – 1200613 – Internal error: Query is too large and cannot be executed. The product of member counts across all dimensions in the query exceeds 2^64.
19150857 Using Smart View with Essbase Release with SSOPTIMIZEDGRIDPROCESSING set to TRUE in essbase.cfg, data can be submitted by users to intersections that are secured as “read-only”.
19150857 The .db file can become corrupted under concurrent calculation requests.
19021424 Empty rows are inserted while performing a zoom-in on a member in Smart View Client.
18977312 On an aggregate storage database, an MDX formula can return inconsistent results.
18148156 A trigger can fail when ORACLEHARDWAREACCELERATION is set to TRUE in essbase.cfg.

EAS Defects Fixed:

Defect Number Defect Fixed
18684575 A data load rules file created in Administration Services console cannot be used by MAXL.