EPM revisited

As I previously posted (http://wp.me/p2jaSq-2k), the Essbase patches include many new features, but that was not all.  Oracle had another patch hit just a couple of days later as John Goodwin reported (http://john-goodwin.blogspot.com/2014/03/epm-patch-11123500-has-landed.html).

So, I had a new install at a client and wanted to see how all of this actually works.  I installed EPM as normal.  At this client, that included Essbase, EAS, APS, FR, and OBIEE.  I started by applying the new Hyperion HUB patch 17529887.

The “superpatch” as Goodwin called it did appear to patch many products.  My Foundation Services, Provider Services, Financial Reporting, and Reporting and Analysis Framework all seemed to have been patched.  That’s fantastic; however, APS was not patched to as expected, it was a lower version,  EAS and Essbase were not touched by the superpatch.

Workspace Help>About screen with version information.

Workspace Help>About screen with version information.

Therefore, the reason behind my post today is to inform the public that in order to patch the entire system, you will need the superpatch as well as the other patches that I previously mentioned.  The whole stack, as far as I am aware, requires the following patches:

  • Hyperion HUB (17529887)
  • Hyperion Client Patches (18383790)
    • Crystal Ball
    • EPMA clients
    • HSF Client (32 & 64-bit)
    • Planning Smart View Extension
    • Predictive Planning (32 & 64-bit)
  • Essbase Client (17767307)
  • Essbase Runtime Client (17767299)
  • EAS (17767309)
  • EAS Console (17767316)
  • APS (17767293)
  • Essbase Studio (17767295)
  • Essbase Studio Console (17767296)
  • Essbase Server (17767302)



  1. Your list of extra patches is very helpful…. Are the following also needed (or at least a good idea)?

    18353761 ADF App Development Framework
    18040640 Weblogic
    6880880 Opatch

    Thanks Tim L

  2. Robert, in my case Reporting and Analysis Framework still shows I applied the patch to SSH server (01), Essbase (02), Financial Reporting, and Reporting and Analysis Framework (03). Everything seems to have been patched except Reporting and Analysis Framework (APS too but it has its own patch). I did clear the tmp and cache folders as per the readme instructions rolled back and reinstalled the patch – but still FR Framework is not patched. I cannot find a separate patch for it. Thanks

    1. Andrey, I checked an environment that I just finished installing a couple of weeks ago and I see the same thing: If there was a Reporting and Analysis patch, it would have been included in the large Shared Services patch (17529887). Another thing that upper-level Oracle support folks have told me is that the Help>About screen in Workspace does not always get updated with the patches. The only true test to see what patches have been applied is to do an OPatch -lsinventory command.

  3. I also noticed the R & A framework not updating after applying this patch. Oracle has a bug logged for it, there is document in Oracle Support: “After Applying EPM System PSU Reporting Analysis Does Not Appear Upgraded In Workspace Help Window (Doc ID 1950879.1)”

    There is also another useful Oracle document that lists all the latest patches: “Available Patch Sets and Patch Set Updates for Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management Products (Doc ID 1400559.1)”

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