Announcing Essbase

A new patch was just released for Essbase Server, patch number 17767302, Essbase

Released along with this patch are patches for:

  • Essbase Client (17767307)
  • Essbase Runtime Client (17767299)
  • EAS (17767309)
  • EAS Console (17767316)
  • APS (17767293)
  • Essbase Studio (17767295)
  • Essbase Studio Console (17767296)

This is an exciting patch for many reasons.  Not only are there several bug fixes included in the patch, it also contains some new features.  Bug fixes range from Essbase performance to MDX performance issues to Smart View errors.  In all, there are 81 different bugs fixed with this release.

This release of Essbase includes some major new features although it is just a PSU (Patch Set Update):

  • Hybrid Aggregation mode in BSO cubes – like bringing ASO functionality into a BSO cube without MDX conversions.
    • ASODYNAMICAGGINBSO configuration setting
      • Great for BSO applications that use the outline calculation operators to aggregate dimensions
      • Outlines with Dynamic Calc members with greater than 100 children
      • Great for folks that are using ASO cubes through partitions to aggregate portions of data.
    • To take advantage of the dynamic aggregation, mark upper-level members that calculate with outline operators as Dynamic Calc instead of Store.  This will allow the dynamic aggregation to take place.
      • May need to change dimension order and/or Sparse/Dense settings to ensure member formulas are calculated correctly.
    • Time Balance tagged members, attribute calculations, formulas with Cross-dimension operators, transparent partition target members with Dynamic Calc formulas, queries with both two-pass and one-pass dynamic calc members, and XOLAP are all calculated in Block Mode.
  • Faster Queries for MDX Aggregate and Sum Functions – Essbase dynamically improves the performance of these functions.
  • FIXPARALLEL/ENDFIXPARALLEL calculator function – use for parallel functions where CALCPARALLEL doesn’t provide adequate performance.
    • DATAEXPORT, DATACOPY, CLEARBLOCK, @XREF, and @XWRITE functions can all be used with FIXPARALLEL.
    • Can also be used where CALCPARALLEL isn’t efficient (many empty tasks or small number of tasks).
  • THREADVAR variables to be used with FIXPARALLEL block
  • POSTFIXPARALLEL used to copy THREADVARs to VAR variables
  • INPLACEDATAWRITE – for Exalytics – allows data blocks to be rewritten to the same location in the .PAG file if the compressed size hasn’t grown.  This slows the fragmentation rate which reduces the need for frequent restructures.
  • XOLAPENABLEHEURISTICS Configuration setting is no longer recommended by Oracle.
  • VLBREPORT Configuration setting has been deprecated, changing its value has no effect

Changes to how Essbase runs:

  • Restructuring a database on Exalytics with this release causes the Index Cache Size and/or Data File Cache Size to increase – up to double for Exalytics on Linux or Solaris.
  • To get intelligent calculation to run on Exalytics with this release, the index file size must fit inside the Index Cache.  Future growth must also be accounted for in order for intelligent calculation to continue to work.
  • To configure the Essbase JVM Heap Size on Solaris 64-bit different than its 512 GB initial size, a new environment variable must be created called ESS_JVM_OPTION.
    • ESS_JVM_OPTIONn -XX:HeapBaseMinAddress
  • Dynamic Calculator Cache maximum size is now based on whether the application is 32-bit or 64-bit.
    • Essbase 64-bit: 256 GB
    • Essbase 32-bit: 4 GB

To apply these patches, assuming your maintenance contract is current and you have the correct Customer Support Identifier applied to your Oracle account:

  1. Log into Oracle’s Support site (
  2. Click on the “Patches and Updates” tab
  3. Search for the patches by Product or by number that is provided above
  4. Follow the steps included in the readme files for each patch.

For more information on these patches, check the readme files that come with the patches.

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