Month: January 2014

EAS is finally Java 1.7 Compatible!

Yesterday afternoon I received the latest Oracle Security Alert with the Critical Patch Update for January.  As I looked through the list, I saw that EAS – was listed.  After checking out the readme files on the patches, the one of the defects fixed was Java 1.7 compatibility.

This has been a thorn in Essbase Administrator’s sides for quite awhile since most JRE installations want to update automatically to the latest version by default.  Now you can update your JRE to 1.7 without fear of breaking your EAS console.

Here are the patches that you need:


  • Server: 17545122
  • Console: 17545124


  • Server: 17277761
  • Console: 17277764


  • Server: 17417347
  • Console: 17417344