OBIEE patching

Just last week I installed OBIEE and patched it to version which was released back in July, I believe.  I went to my trusty Oracle Support document (Doc ID 1488475.1), and found that someone from Oracle had gutted the article of virtually all helpful information on the various OBIEE patches available for versions and  Thankfully, I was able to find Doc ID 1566124.1, which states the patches that make up OBIEE

The six OBIEE-specific patches are combined into one download as patch number 16556157.  Also required during the patching is patch number 16569379.  These patches are available on the My Oracle Support site ( and are installed as previously covered on this blog.  Be sure to read the readme file in the Patch 16453010 folder for any questions.

Patch 16556157 – OBIEE BUNDLE PATCH (Patch) is comprised of the following patches, which are not available separately:

  • Patch 16453010 – Patch (1 of 6) Oracle Business Intelligence Installer (BIINST)
  • Patch 16849017 – Patch (2 of 6) Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher (BIP)
  • Patch 16916026 – Patch (3 of 6) Enterprise Performance Management Components Installed from BI Installer (BIFNDNEPM))
  • Patch 16850553 – Patch (4 of 6) Oracle Business Intelligence Server (BIS)
  • Patch 16842070 – Patch (5 of 6) Oracle Business Intelligence Presentation Services (BIPS)
  • Patch 16869578 – Patch (6 of 6) Oracle Business Intelligence Platform Client Installers and MapViewer

Also you must download:

Patch 16569379 – Dynamic Monitoring Service patch

Oracle states the following caveats as well:

  • Be aware that a small number of the bug fixes that became available in the through Suite Bundle Patches are not available in the Suite Bundle Patch. Carefully review the list of bugs that are fixed in this Suite Bundle Patch before applying it to your system.
  • Oracle Exalytics customers must not install this Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Bundle Patch unless it is certified for the specific Oracle Exalytics Patch or Patchset Update that they are applying. For more information see Oracle Fusion Middleware Installation and Administration Guide for Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine and the Oracle Exalytics certification information.
  • For Oracle Fusion Applications customers, this Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Bundle Patch will be applied as part of a Fusion Applications installation or upgrade. Oracle Fusion Applications customers must not apply this Suite Bundle Patch independently.
  • The Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Bundle Patch is cumulative and might include patches that you might have already applied to the Oracle BI system. Therefore, when you install the Suite Bundle Patch, you might see warning messages that indicate that earlier patches are being rolled back. These warnings simply indicate that oPatch is working correctly, and do not require any action.
  • If you have horizontally scaled out the Oracle BI system on to multiple machines, then you must apply the Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Bundle Patch and the Dynamic Monitoring Service patch to all machines in the cluster.
  • When the installation of the Suite Bundle Patch is complete and the Oracle BI system is running again, end users might experience unexpected behavior due to pre-existing browser sessions that cache javascript from the earlier Oracle BI release. To avoid unnecessary support requests, ask all end users to clear their browser cache.

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