FR Service Crashes

I have a client that uses Financial Reporting a lot.  When their system has a heavy load, the FR service tends to run out of memory.  We have adjusted the Java heap setting up as high as we can, but after awhile, they still get an “out of memory” error in the FianancialReporting0sysout.log. 

They know how to stop and start services using the built-in Oracle Start/Stop EPM System scripts.  Unfortunately, we have found that when FR gets an “out of memory” condition, it no longer responds at all.  When the Oracle script signals for a shutdown, the service still does not stop. 

When this happens, the only way to recover FR is to manually stop the service in Windows Services or to do a reboot of the server. 

The moral of the story is to not always trust the Start/Stop EPM System scripts when you have errors on your EPM applications.


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